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is anything you SAY or anything you DO and motivation has been described as the force that encourages, or is the reason for you carrying out any particular behaviour.

Some people separate out DRIVES from MOTIVATION. A DRIVE is seen as a force that satisfies a biological NEED, such as hunger or thirst, while motivation is considered as the force that satisfies needs not directly tied to bodily requirements. This would include needs such as companionship.


is the self-directed force that allows you to choose to change your behaviour.

Describing it in this way does not mean it is easy. It is NOT always easy to start taking exercise or eating healthily or doing homework or keeping your dwelling clean and tidy; and it is certainly not easy to stop smoking. This site provides tools, help and guidance on increasing your motivation (your force or energy) to make the changes in your own behaviour that you choose to make.

Motivation is a force you can control, if you choose, in order to change your own behaviour, whether to start a new habit or to stop a habit you want to get rid of.